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  • Chilliburner does not burn your mouth it burns the extra kilos

    Chilliburner is revolutionary from this aspect! Highly concentrated natural extract from chilli pepper processed by a patented coating technology into microcapsules, where the effective component provides the user with the maximum effect of capsaicin without any irritation of mouth or digestive system. read more


Get Ready for Summer

The Natural way to help control your weight

Chilliburner 100% natural,latose-free,gluten-free,GMO-free,vegetarian

Chilliburner is revolutionary in this respect.

It contains a highly concentrated extract from chilli peppers which is processed by a patented technology into microcapsules,where the effective component provides the user with maximum benefit of capsaicin without irritation of the mouth or digestive system.

Contributes to weight reduction

Helps to control weight using natural chilli and green tea extracts to harness the power without the burn!

As featured in HELLO! and Woman's Own magazines.

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